Wanderlust: Any plans for 2017?

Wanderlust: the irresistible, incurable desire to travel or wander.

2016 was a very busy year: I had the opportunity to go back to beautiful Japan, to spend some quality time with my family in Normandy, France and to visit my lovely friend in the vibrant, metropolitan city of Barcelona.

The wondrous nature and historic sites I encountered, while wandering around on Kyoto‘s many mountains and ancient streets were truly a sight to behold. The soothing sea breeze in Cherbourg, the french harbour city, was something I thoroughly enjoyed and the unique, architectural masterpieces of Gaudi in Barcelona were utterly mesmerising.

Arashiyama, Kyoto

Now in 2017, I’ve already made some ambitious travelling plans, which I hope to accomplish by the end of the year. I realise that being a student with a shockingly high amount of free time and no money is a serious problem!

Who can relate?


What to expect?

I contemplated a good deal about “what to expect from this blog”…Travel? Beauty? Fashion? Lifestyle? – there were countless of categories I could have chosen!

So which of them suited ME the best? I kept thinking about it over and over again, until I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t and shouldn’t be limited to only one category. Why not do all of them? My passion for travelling is just as big as my love for fashion!

Thus here I am, sharing tiny pieces of my ordinary and not so ordinary moments in life. A fair warning though: since I decided to juggle various categories all at once, this blog is going to be all over the place!

Have fun end enjoy reading.