Munich Events: Tegernseer Waldfeste

Every summer, many local clubs around Tegernsee lake are hosting the popular “Waldfeste”. These festivities are known for their heart-warming atmosphere, the local Tegernsee beer and the mesmerising view of the lake.

I’ve been to two of the merry forest festivals and enjoyed myself to my fullest! The Tegernseer Waldfeste 2017 are hosted from June until the end of July in different towns near and around the lake.

The journey from Munich is quite easy and takes usually around 30 to 40 minutes by car for any of the festivals. But if you want to travel to Tegernsee by train, I would recommend going to the Waldfest right in front of Tegernsee castle. The entrance to the forest festivals is usually for free but can be around € 1,-.

Waldfest in front of Tegernsee castle

Since these events have a life-long tradition, traditional German clothes like the Dirndl and the Lederhose are definitely welcome. The locals are very open and happy to share their all-day festivities with tourists or the infamous “Münchner Schickeria“. The celebrations usually last one whole day with different entertainment activities like the traditional folk dance or the Bavarian Blaskapelle.




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