Munich Events: Tegernseer Waldfeste

Every summer, many local clubs around Tegernsee lake are hosting the popular “Waldfeste”. These festivities are known for their heart-warming atmosphere, the local Tegernsee beer and the mesmerising view of the lake.

I’ve been to two of the merry forest festivals and enjoyed myself to my fullest! The Tegernseer Waldfeste 2017 are hosted from June until the end of July in different towns near and around the lake.

The journey from Munich is quite easy and takes usually around 30 to 40 minutes by car for any of the festivals. But if you want to travel to Tegernsee by train, I would recommend going to the Waldfest right in front of Tegernsee castle. The entrance to the forest festivals is usually for free but can be around € 1,-.

Waldfest in front of Tegernsee castle

Since these events have a life-long tradition, traditional German clothes like the Dirndl and the Lederhose are definitely welcome. The locals are very open and happy to share their all-day festivities with tourists or the infamous “Münchner Schickeria“. The celebrations usually last one whole day with different entertainment activities like the traditional folk dance or the Bavarian Blaskapelle.



Discover Salzburg

Salzburg – a beautiful, baroque city, which was home to one of history’s most famous and genius composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

City of Salzburg, Austria

The city might not be as big and diverse as some other global cities like Paris or London but it has a very endearing and romantic charm to it! I visited Salzburg in one day and I haven’t been able to see all of it. Nonetheless, I’d like to share my impressions and give some “good-to-know” advice:

Since I travelled to Salzburg from Munich, it was quite easy and comfortable to go by train. With the Bayern Ticket, I fared very well. The Bayern Ticket is a day ticket, with which you can travel through the whole Bavarian region and to Salzburg, Austria. The ticket costs 25 € and is valid on work days from 9 am to 3 am the next day and on weekends the whole day.

Boat tour on Salzach River

As soon as I arrived in Salzburg, I went to the Tourism counter at the train station to by the Salzburg Card (25€). The Salzburg Card is valid on all public transportation in and sometimes around Salzburg and comes with many advantages. The card not only works for public transportation but also for a lot of sightseeing spots, like Mozart’s birth house, the Dom Quartier, the zoo, the palaces Mirabell and Hellbrunn, the fortress Hohenzollern and even includes a boat tour on the Salzach river. So f you are planning to go to Salzburg, I highly recommend buying the Salzburg Card!

Mirabell Garden, Mirabell Palace

Event though I had only one day in Salzburg, I was able to visit and see a lot of historic and interesting places. The old town of the city was another must-see on my list. Old antiquarian shops, which had beautifully decorated and inviting windows and the tempting smell of freshly made coffee from the famous Kaffeehäuser were filling the narrow alleys.

Old Town, Salzburg

This trip to Salzburg was a very spontaneous one and I’m happy that I went through with it! The city had a lot of sightseeing to offer but the heartwarming welcome of good-natured residents also contributed to its charm. I would advice anyone to give this endearing city a chance!