Go outside, take a deep breath – AND ENJOY NATURE

Taking your time to explore vibrant metropolitan cities is exciting but exploring nature’s wonders is an exhilarating adventure in itself!

I went ahead and looked for a beautiful spot outside of Munich and found Garmisch’s Eibsee. This lake is located just beneath the Zugspitze, Germany‘s highest mountain with approx. 2.800m. The Zugspitze was of course not the only hiking opportunity near the lake. I decided on the Eibsee Alm, which is supposed to be a great skiing place in winter.

Zugspitze, Germany

The Eibsee Alm was perfect for a short hike up to the popular restaurant Hochtörlenhütte (1.450m). To the restaurant, it took around 2 hours (depending on how fast you are it can take 2 to 3 hours). Along the way, I was not necessarily met with the most breath-taking view but I did enjoy a leisurely and quiet hike. Although I must say that the sometimes steep walk up the mountain can be quite challenging for beginners.

Eibsee view near Hochtörlenhütte

At the restaurant, I took the opportunity to take a break to enjoy the amazing view and to treat myself to a delicious Schnitzel for lunch. I should have mentioned that Hochtörlenhütte is located in Tirol, Austria! The thought of hiking up from Germany and arriving in Austria was amusing!

But not only the mountain landscape was a mustsee. Eibsee lake also offered a mesmerising scenery with its crystal clear, turquoise water. On a sunny day, you’ll see locals enjoying themselves in the cold and refreshing mountain water.

Eibsee lake, Grainau

I truly recommend taking a glance outside of the busy and hectic city life and explore beautiful and quiet nature nearby. You’ll never know what you’ll find…



6 thoughts on “Go outside, take a deep breath – AND ENJOY NATURE

  1. This looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. I also really enjoy hiking and it’s so many breathtaking spots around here. I’m always amazed by how beautiful the Walchensee is. The hike to the top of Herzogenstand offers a fantastic view, even though it might be a bit challenging. I recommend Karwendel. We went for a hike lately, to the Falkenhütte. It took us double as long,but it’s one of those hikes where you just have to look around,becasue it’s so beautiful!

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