A Fairytale Come True… a Visit to Cinderella’s Castle

Who isn’t familiar with Cinderella’s castle from Walt Disney– the inspiration for Disney’s world famous logo!

The iconic castle with its very unique shape and pointed princess towers has been inspired by real-life places. One of them being one of Germany’s most popular sights, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. This 19th century castle was commissioned by  Ludwig II. of Bavaria, who was a known admirer of the Middle Ages and Wagner’s operas. Ludwig had a romanesque masterpiece in mind, anyone could marvel at in the years to come. Little did he know that it would become one of the most visited places in Germany.

I admit, getting to the castle is a bit of a hassle. I would highly recommend to get there by car, since you’d be significantly faster and more flexible than by train or bus. Moreover, you should definitely book your entrance tickets to the castle beforehand to avoid long queues. And you should book the castle tour to make the most out of your trip, even though it only lasts around 25 minutes. But the tour guide did have a lot of interesting insights to tell about the Bavarian duke and his dream project. During the tour, I was completely in awe with the inside of the castle, which was beautifully designed and furnished.

Another must-do while visiting this place is to take a steep hike up the hill to reach the popular photo spot. The “Marienbrücke” is a narrow bridge located above the “Pöllatschlucht”, which faces the castle. From there, you can take mesmerising photos. Be careful though as the bridge is quite unsound to walk on!

Who would like to visit this place and see the astounding resemblance in person?




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